I am a Marksman a Tracker Patient Observant a Naturalist I AM.... A HUNTER! #primalinstinct

South African Venison Hunting Safaris

with Rikus Gouws and Barend Geldenhuys

Join us for an experience of a lifetime!

Professional Hunter and Safari Caterers

SAVHS Hunter


"As hunting and safari caterers in South Africa, we strive to provide the most spectacular African Safari Hunting experience and holiday of a lifetime."

SAVHS Environment


South Africa offers a great diverse vegetation, ranging from dense bush to open Karoo, with a wide range of plains and other game species. 

Special bookings for the northern parts of Africa welcome.

SAVHS Province


The province is a wealth of flora and fauna, a range of cultures providing a mosaic of traditions, lifestyles and languages. 

There are numerous nature reserves with wild and beautiful scenery, game and wildlife.

Beautiful weather all year around make hunting and touring even more brilliant. With coastal and holiday destinations in the most beautiful places.


SAVHS Hunting


Vehicle shooting or Walk and Stalk for the Ultimate hunter experience.

Pre-set packages or Choose your desired game from our list and customize your hunt.

SAVHS Game Drive

Game Drives

The most beautiful game and landscape views.

Night drives that will give you the ultimate bushveld and Karoo experience.

SAVHS Sight Seeing

Sight Seeing

Take the day to observe our beautiful coastal scenery.

Experience different places and cultures while enjoying the day - the South African way.

SAVHS Potjie Kos


Bring out the food-making instinct in you and enjoy one of South Africa's favourite dishes! Compete in a fun potjie-kos competition with a hand full of ingredients.

SAVHS Shooting

Shoot the Shoot

Hunter and non-hunter activity.

Range and tarentaal shooting - compete to be the best!

SAVHS Entertainment


On request, enjoy South African culture through a guitarist/ singer.

SAVHS Bow hunting
SAVHS Game Drives
SAVHS Accommodation